Caring for your accessories

Here are some handy tips to keep our earrings looking sparkling and fresh!
Don’t get them wet!
Although we use the best quality materials, wearing your earrings to the shower or going for a swim with them is not a good idea. It could shorten their life span especially for those with intricately hand painted designs.
No chemicals please.
Avoid exposure to perfumes and essential oils. Strictly avoid touching any alcohol because alcohol ruins resin.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Try to keep them stored out of direct sunlight as this will give them a longer life and keep the colours nice and bright!
Damp cloth, dry cloth.
To clean your earrings, simply use a damp cloth and very gently wipe the surface, earring post and backings. Doing this alone alone will remove make up, moisturiser and such. Please do not use soap and avoid cleaning agents.